Star Wars Action Figures Star Wars Toys PVC Model collection Anime toys for kids gifts

  Star Wars Action Figures WOLVES WORLD Star Wars Toys PVC Model collection Anime toys for kids gifts     Item Type:Action Figures Size:8cm Weight:About 0.35kg Mate

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Star Wars Motion Figures WOLVES WORLD Star Wars Toys %Model collection Anime toys for kids gifts


Item Type:Action Figures

Weight:About zero.35kg
Quality:High Quality

Packing:New in sealed packaging





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Additional Information

Brand Name

Star Wars

By Animation Source

Western Animiation

Model Number

Star Wars

Soldier Accessories

Soldier Finished Product

Mfg Series Number


Item Type






Commodity Attribute





not for children under 3 years

Puppets Type






Completion Degree

Finished Goods

Version Type

Remastered Version


In-Stock Items

Remote Control


Age Range

> 3 years old”>5-7 Years


Movie & TV


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